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Being smart together

Making smart planning together is a matter of doing.

Your project partners can specify their available capacity in the digital planning as they are linked to the activities. The digital paste-up session is then the ideal time to pool all the knowledge and skills of your project partners.

But now with the convenience of being able to adjust quickly to discuss alternatives. The consequences of a choice are clear to everyone.

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Vary and learn

Alternative solutions for project planning can be digitally visualised very quickly in KYP PLAN. More variation can be considered and the consequences can be quickly understood and discussed during the planning session, therefor a better solution will be found.

Working together to find the best solution for all parties is what we want to achieve with KYP PLAN.


‚ÄčImport into KYP PROJECT

Once the optimal planning has been created, you can simply import it into KYP PROJECT. Then all activities are again arranged on the left-hand side of the planning and you can start managing your project based on what needs to be done.

For each project partner, the post-it shows when (time), in which room (location) and how much work needs to be done.

All the communication possibilities of KYP Project are thus linked to the optimal planning from KYP PLAN.

Data- Thinking – Doing

Get the best out of your project schedule with KYP PLAN and KYP PROJECT. Try it yourself!