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Lean scheduling can be done digitally

KYP PLAN offers the digital solution for lean planning and (digital) sticking sessions using the data and experience of other projects, colleagues and project partners. Think about deadlines and create the optimal planning together.

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Use your experience

The experience from your previous project can serve as a basis for the new planning. With KYP PLAN, you use personal and company experiences (data) as input for your new project.

Insight into capacity

The capacity required in the project is compared with the available capacity of the project partners. This insight is the basis for optimal planning.

Simple alternatives

Alternative solutions are easy to determine. Don’t re-paste many post-it’s but discuss the variable and an alternative planning is available within minutes.

Project data makes your project better

Base your planning on the specific data linked to the work to be carried out on site. Use the experience of your colleagues within your company.

Link this work to the site and get a planning rule per site/space and connect your project partners. Smart data results in smart projects.

Your personal project knowledge can make a difference and become available to your colleagues. This way, you share knowledge and projects are planned better.

The same data for the entire company

Through Standard Activity Lists, all planning within a company is based on the same starting points. This has two advantages.

During planning, experience figures from projects that have already been carried out can be used.

The other major advantage is that projects are more comparable when they are based on the same basic assumptions. This also creates valuable data on the course of projects during implementation so that things keep getting smarter and better.

Start today! Using data as the basis of your project planning