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Lean planning: collaborative, fast and digital

Site-based planning; deployment of project partners determine optimal construction process

With a digital sticky note session together you will make the optimal planning: Data – Discover – Define

That’s KYP PLAN.

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Easy export to KYP Project

Data as a foundation

Use data from other projects, company standards, budgets, your own experience or your construction partners’ data.

Data (knowledge/experience) as the basis for new planning, how logical does that sound.


Devise the optimal schedule

By linking the activities in the project to the characteristics of a location (space or phase) in the project, you get a logical project schedule. All locations are on the left in the KYP PLAN planning and each has its own line for all activities at that location.

As you are used to from KYP, everyone gets their own colour in the schedule.

With the capacity info from your project partners, you determine how the project can be realised within the contract terms and deadlines.

Doing it Together

Project partners can specify what capacity (number of shifts or people) are available at what time

With KYP PLAN, you can easily see where this fits but also where it could be improved. By adjusting capacity (planning more or fewer people/shifts or more or less availability from your project partner), the consequences become visible to everyone. Working together for an optimal result: just do it!

Grab the Benefits of KYP PLAN

Experience for yourself the benefits KYP PLAN has for you and get your project off to a good start. Use data as a foundation, think about how best to plan the project and do it together with your construction partners.
Eight steps to optimal planning

I am a lean manager
  • Planning per site or space
  • Involve building partners
  • Insight into capacity and availability implications
  • Optimal planning through cooperation
I am a planner
  • Planning based on experience
  • Insight into what is possible
  • Selection of construction partner based on availability
  • Insight into alternatives and consequences
I am a project manager
  • KYP PLAN in KYP PROJECT provides insight into the number of people on site
  • Planning based on what is possible
  • Quickly compare alternatives
  • Personal experience as a basis for new projects
I am a project partner
  • My availability as basis for planning
  • Insight into consequences of choices
  • Our company as the basis for optimal planning
  • Building a realistic planning together

Are you ready for the next step in digital planning? Try it yourself!